Greek Fitness Camp

We invite you to experience the authentic values that have existed for hundreds of years on the Greek Islands. Our philosophy is that if activity, healthy eating, stress relief and plenty of rest are incorporated into daily life in a manner that is flowing pleasantly, a person will benefit from a healthy mind and a strong body. Whether your goal is to increase muscle mass, to improve your stamina or to just kick start a new, healthier lifestyle, we commit to helping you in your personal journey.

The Greek Fitness Camp
is an environmentally
friendly company

We are proud of our environment and we do our best to protect the area in which we live, exercise and work. In the Greek Fitness Camp we aim to serve food based on locally sourced, fresh and organic material produced in Samos. We also promote sustainable living through responsible energy consumption, waste management and water conservation. We conduct our business with due regard to the environment,

its habitats and biodiversity. Most importantly we must show respect to the environment by never leaving any litter behind during our visits to the mountainsides and throughout the island. Through scheduled annual events we take it upon ourselves to organize clean up projects with local volunteers. It is our priority to care after the splendid mountains and countryside where we both work and live.

Useful Information

Who can Join?

Everyone can join the Greek Fitness Camp!

Our professional and skilled staff will design a challenging , yet fun schedule according to each individual’s needs, skill level and preferences. You will work at your own pace and at your own level with every session tailored to you. We support you on every step of the way!If you are still wondering whether you will be a good fit to the Greek Fitness Camp, Contact us for a friendly chat and we will gladly answer all your questions.

What to bring

This is a list of the essential items that you are advised
to bring along on your journey to Samos
and the Greek Fitness camp.

  • 2 pairs of Athletic shoes, suitable for running
  • Several pairs of athletic socks, preferably not cotton.
  • At least 3 sets of clothes, suitable for activities
  • Pair of long pants suitable for activities is recommended
  • A small backpack designed for hiking, walking
  • At least one water container (1.5l minimum)
  • Sun cream, hat, sunglasses & of course a swimming suit
  • Fins and snorkel recommended
  • Hiking boots
  • A light fleece jacket or a sweater
  • Depending on the time you join, a beanie and a scarf
  • Pair of waterproof pants and waterproof jacket
  • Aspiration!!

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