Samos, The home of the Greek fitness camp

Use Samos’ unique terrain as your gym.

Let us introduce you to an extraordinary island, a place of mystery, myth, culture and tradition. Having a unique geographical location in the North Aegean. Samos combines a diverse topography of high mountains, crystal clear waters and lush vegetation.

Surprise yourself with a destination that pulls you like a magnet into its unique character. The heavy green pine forests scent the air as you hike through the mountainside and suddenly

small towns appear before you. Further along your path might be startled with an unexpected view of the Aegean and scattered islands in the haze.

Samos doesn't need a description, the pictures speak for themselves. Having an existence of its own, this island is no tourist trap, big enough to be varied and small enough to keep its own character. You will instantly feel the warm welcome of the Greek hospitality and call Samos your second home.


Home to the combined UNESCO world heritage sites of Hera's Temple,the ancient city of Pythagoreion and the Eupalinian aqueduct, a major engineering achievement in an age ofminimal means.

Traces of human presence on the island from the fourth millennium. The ancient historian Herodotus called the island the first among all cities, both Greek and barbaric. Its navigation and trade flourished with Samian ships traveling to the East and the West,bringing wealth and knowledge to the island and dominating the Aegean Sea for a long time.In ancient times.

Samos was a very rich and powerful city-state, known for its wine production and vineyards. Even today the wines

of Samos have been internationally rewarded time and time again.

For the history buffs and those wanting to witness a moment among ancient times, there are two major museums in Samos among others; one located in Samos town known as one of the most important museums of Greece displaying the “Kouros” statue (standing at 5 meters high) and one in Pythagoreo.

Population today at approximately 33,000. Mild Mediterranean climate with cool breezy summer nights. We are situated on an island in the Aegean that supports an exceptional biodiversity, including rare and protected marine habitats and species.