Make the right choice and thrive.

The Greek Fitness Camp, inspired by the Mediterranean way of living, creates two different health holiday programs. The first one is addressed to people who want to join a weight loss program. For the people who are more focused on weight loss, we create a different nutritional program and add selected activities tailored to their personal needs with respect to them. The Greek Fitness camp Weight loss Program is very different to the other bootcamp and fat-camps. We integrate mild exercise, wellness techniques, easy to make, fresh and delicious Mediterranean dishes, a variety of activities and food related workshops in our weight loss camp. All of the above are introduced to your life with a healthy, not rushed rhythm in a setting that encourages success.

The second program is addressed to people who want to improve their sports performance, enhance their flexibility and balance while having an amazing time with like- minded people in Greece. The Fitness Camp program includes full body workouts that improve strength and endurance while increasing lean muscle and decrease body fat mainly with outdoor activities. Well designed nutritional plans and professional staff helps you reach all of your fitness goals in the wild part of a greek island. We are here to help you make your dreams come true and spend the holidays of your life on a greek island while trying a lot of different activities. All you have to do is lean on us.